Lender Testimonials

“Epstein Canarick is one of the finest financing firms in the business today. They understand the transaction they are presenting as well as the industry environment and although they push for my best quote, they understand where the boundary lines lie. I have been providing loans for their clients since 1995 when I started in the business and I am confident that we will be working together for a long time to come.”
Senior VP – Goldman Sachs

“These guys are all about relationships, experience, and integrity with a feel for the global picture. They are completely informed about how my end of the business operates while at the same time extremely creative in structuring transactions in such a way as to mold the square peg into the round hole. Epstein comes up with a financial structure that plugs all the deal holes and Canarick carries the ball over the goal line. They are a great team and I have very much enjoyed making hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars of transaction through them since we began our relationship in the early 90’s.”
Director – Wells Fargo

“We have sort of grown up together. They were a team before I knew them. When securitization got rolling, Jeff walked into my office with a stack of deals and said “let me see what you can do”. That was 1995. We haven’t stopped doing deals together since. Murray and Jeff bring a level of worldliness and practicality to a transaction that is instrumental in bringing a deal to fruition. I anticipate many more years of working with them and the clients they bring to my institution.”
Senior Banker – Morgan Stanley